Those from a certain generation will know the backstory to the title. ‘From the rock market to the stock market’ was the ad slogan of a famous television commercial, with a pinstriped executive dancing on his desk, that was used when Richard Branson took Virgin Group PLC public in 1986.
Over 30 years later, that slogan is incredibly relevant to The Future Shapers. This thought piece will trace the line from Rockonomics and David Bowie to The Future Shaper innovation platform, our vision for a pay-per-read model, and our Crowdfunding raise with Crowdcube at which are asking for your help.

It will also lift the lid on the disruptive capabilities of Blockchain and Smart Contract technologies and why we believe that a world in which single thought piece sales will become commonplace in digital news journalism.

Practicing what we preach
In the past I have written about our foundin

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