The Future Shapers’ overriding purpose is to return value back to knowledge. The single aim of our editorial process is to deliver on this purpose and brand objectives. This page puts that desire into perspective and provides insights on our ambitious vision.

The vision is to facilitate content that is interesting, relevant and insightful, providing the reader with deeper insight on almost “controversial” topics in need of debate.

To bring this vision to life, the editorial team will put out a call for topics from time to time and would be delighted to hear from you in this regard. You may also submit related pieces at any other time. We are prepared to commission pieces related to the editorial themes for final publication at a rate of 25c per word, up to a maximum of $375 per original thought piece. Commissioned thought pieces will not be longer than 1500 words.  

Thank you for helping us to make it happen!

Whilst we recognise the broad scope of the innovation world, our themes of focus for the commissioning of new thought pieces and research are as follows:


Innovation often works best when combined with a selfless, highly collaborative approach.

It presents a mythology of inventors, rebels, geniuses and geeks setting us on new paths and disrupting the world for the greater good. But for all the glamour and positive change not all innovations have turned out for the best. 


Changing the game is not always easy and doesn’t usually come for free.  Are the funding models and processes working, and is it possible to have it all with low cost and high benefit? Innovation funding covers a broad church of investments, reward models, innovation prizes, grants and the classic challenges of starting and scaling up with everything from corporate loans to crowdfunding.


The innovation industry is growing, transforming and racing ahead. It is setting a pace of change that challenge the fittest and most forward thinking amongst us. 

At this speed it can become misunderstood, complicated, overly simplified or may be offered as snake oil or a magic pill. Innovation is not a shallow minded, jack-of-all-trades offering or a take-all-blame scapegoat.  As it matures, its transformative power will become more accessible. 


There will always be shiny new technology, tools, platforms and support for moon-shot innovation.

What are the next-generation solutions and emerging technologies that are going to take us to a new horizon? How best should we optimise our innovation portfolios for balance and value?


The main role of the editor is to manage The Future Shapers brand’s vision in terms of editorial content, supporting our readers and our expert contributors.
Our editor is also responsible for our style and adherence to editorial policy. Delivering on our brand purpose means meeting and exceeding our own and other relevant standards by adhering to the likes of the IPSO benchmarks.
Find our Editor in Chief, Henra Mayer here if you have any queries or need assistance.


  • Underpinning our core themes are eight pillars (Adaptability, Collaboration, Culture, Intelligence, Leadership, Management, Strategy, Tools) made up of over 70 innovation categories.
  • The innovation related metadata and categories are captured to inform predictive analysis and trend forecasting that will in turn assist The Future Shapers and FourZeroTwo to evaluate single article sales areas of interest, engagement and costs.
  • Use of the metadata tags and categories demand a combination of predictive analytics to enable the editorial team to identify whitespaces for content. The clever technology that supports The Future Shapers enables us to use immutable readership metrics.


We would like to hear from you!

Reading is only worthwhile when it is valuable! What would you like to hear more of? What is working well or what is wrong with the innovation world in your opinion? Tell us what you are interested in exploring, and we will leave no stone unturned to make it happen.

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