Founder – The Future Shapers and FourZeroTwo

Leading the quest to return value to knowledge, Richard is the CEO of The Future Shaping Media Company and its two brands The Future Shapers and FourZeroTwo. He is passionate about the protection and value of digital content, fairness in the exchange and consumption of digital content and the use of technology to increase the integrity, ownership, trust and value of digital content.

Richard is a former Innovation and emerging technology director for CGI UK. With a social activist meets adventurer  zeal for freedom, technology exploration, transparency and fairness he is driving the use of Blockchain to rebalance our media world.

Reach out to Richard to find out more on using FourZeroTwo or joining The Future Shapers community as a partner or contributor. Find Richard here.

Henra Mayer

Editor in Chief – The Future Shaping Media Company

Responsible for the editorial and publishing side of all things Future Shapers, Henra is passionate about driving innovation value. She is a strong believer in the power of human potential, and has a deep and abiding interest in the role of collaboration and co-operation in support of innovation, as part of a solution within an ecosystem which includes strategy, people, systems and processes. 

With more than 15 years of experience in the innovation management domain and a colourful journalism background, she is serious about seeing innovation drive the results it should and hopes to play a key role in achieving this for the Future Shapers. 

Henra is currently working towards a Phd in Innovation Management, with a focus on driving real-world value and deeper ROI. 

Reach out to her for anything publishing related. Find Henra here.

Storm Thomas

Head of Social and Technology at The Future Shaping Media Company

Storm has a thirst for entrepreneurship. With his extensive network and ability to connect the dots for any requirement, he is passionate about growth and development specific to a brand, an organisation, a team or individual. 

Driven by a desire to help people grow their success and achievements, he is responsible for maximising brand awareness for The Future Shapers and works to increase awareness, engagement and impact. Connect with Storm if you need any information on social or communication activities. Find Storm here.