Want to invest in the future of online thought leadership?

So far, The Future Shapers platform has operated as a free-to-read model, providing 2-years of innovation thought leadership which has helped us reach tens of thousands of readers and a global audience spanning 145 countries.

But, as we always intended we are now looking to introduce a payment component for the thought leadership available through our platform as we believe that future-focused leaders, influential and engaged executives and agents of change are comfortable paying for insightful, value adding, consumable and trusted thought leadership, in the same way people stream and pay for songs or movies.

We now plan to re-imagine the digital provision of thought leadership and essentially digital news journalism on innovation; how it is produced and delivered, how it is funded and most importantly, how it can serve macro, global and diverse communities, not advertisers.

Around the world, news media companies are proving that subscriptions and memberships can replace advertising revenues. Just as the internet revolutionised the way people pay for music and movies, audiences are now increasingly willing to pay for high-quality journalism content and according to Reuters, the rise of paywalls for quality has not affected audience growth.

Taking the features, strengths and disruptive capability of the blockchain and introducing it to digital innovation thought leadership in order to ‘return value back to knowledge’. The immutability and trust less nature of the blockchain means that it can be used in instances where record-keeping and auditable data is key.

Thought-leadership content creators (authors) need different contracts in each jurisdiction, to protect their copyright and to enable distribution of their content. Putting content on a blockchain with the connectivity for peer-to-peer transactions via a smart contract such as Ethereum, allows complete transparency and automation of execution as well as direct payments to copyright holders.

The Future Shapers plan to simplify digital rights management and enable a pay-per-read model from readers directly to contributors (authors). The vision is to enable contributors to have more control over how their content and associated data is used.

This is an exciting and potentially disruptive vision which you could be a part of. We’re looking for early stage ‘founding’ investors to help push the pace of our plans forward. So, if you’re a significant investor and would like to talk to us about how you could come onboard then get in touch for an initial chat.