We are Crowdfunding...We are Crowdfunding…

So far, we have been a free-to-air model in order to establish a global readership base. But, as we always intended we are now looking to introduce a payment component for the thought leadership available through our platform as we believe that people are comfortable paying for insightful, value adding, consumable and trusted thought leadership, in the same way people stream and pay for songs from artists.

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We are raising a total of £200,000 in equity crowd financing through Crowdcube.

What will we spend it on:

  • Platform Smart Contract and Payment development: 50% (£100,000)
  • Expanded editorial and community engagement capacity to grow a global audience: 25% (£50,000)
  • Marketing and sales: 25% (£50,000)

What can I invest:

  • Anyone can make an investment in The Future Shapers for as little as £10.

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Please invest aware, your capital is at risk

To find out more about what’s involved, what it means for you as an investor in our company or even if you’d like to discuss investing, please drop us an email.