What leadership style is more important? Do we want leaders that are intelligent, that are labour-orientated or should they have a focus on practicality and caring for others? Is intelligence perhaps over rewarded? If so, is that the correct way to think about leadership, especially in times of change? Cognitive ability that is a brain-based skill, has become the gold standard of human esteem, and those in the cognitive class now shape society largely in their own interest. To put it in a forthright way: smart people have become way too powerful!

It was all about Hands – or practicality, before.

A century or so ago, psychology did emerge out of the evolving ‘age of enlightenment’. This is when science grew wings and the truth was all that you could prove rather than what the local priest/ parish priest told you.

The Hands Follow Head era

Further developments and advancement in psychology then found that to explain what people did, you had to unquestionably consider what they were actually thinking.

Yet, with this we still had some problems. Psychologists had largely and erroneously ignored emotions for a long time as they were almost on the opposite end of the spectrum of rational thinking and it was rather hard to measure. They steadily and progressively realised that how you feel is definitely real and cannot be ignored at all.

Leaders need to understand these dynamics and its importance to success. In this thought piece all of this detail is carefully unpacked and debated.

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