Speed ​​is essential to business success. More than just a “blink of an eye” experience, today’s era demands accelerating change.

These changes in the global market however are likely to be experienced permanently in all industries and companies will have to adjust to new ways of selling, buying and leading amidst volatile environmental change.

In this context, greater leadership ability is required to organise teams, allocate resources, and inspire collaborators into transforming themselves first and then adapting to a new culture of speed and flexibility. In the end, the leaders\’ style will determine how they manage to reach success or whether they fail.

In short, agile techniques require agile leaders. Seven out of 10 companies apply agile leadership today, making their teamwork more collaboratively, self-organising and resilient in ever-changing conditions.

What do you need to know to be successful as a leader in the era of constant change?

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