How do we learn best? Constructivism can be equated to an important learning theory that all educators use to help their students learn.

Constructivism is based on the very idea that people do actively construct or make up their own knowledge, and that reality gets determined by your own experiences as a learner. Basically, learners use all their previous knowledge as a foundation and constantly build on it with new insights.

So, everyone\’s individual experiences make their core learning unique to them! But remember that learning is also a social activity. It is directly associated with our very connection with other people. Our teachers, our family, or our peers and our acquaintances do impact our learning. Educators are more likely to be successful if they understand that peer involvement is the key to learning. Progressive education recognises that social interaction is the key and they make use of the conversation, interaction, and group applications to help students retain knowledge.

Understanding constructivism holds important applications for organisational learning, which makes its imperatives for learning crucial for any organisation to understand.

This piece sheds light on the detail of cognitive, social and radical constructivism and since learning and the acquisition of new skills are a future-focused and constant requirement, understanding this philosophy of education has become urgent for leaders.

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