3 Words that Should Come to Mind When You Hear “Millennial”
When asked to speak on the topic of Millennials, I warm up the audience with a simple question:
“I say Millennial, you say-?”

Then, I count the seconds until I hear the following three words:
1) “Lazy!”
2) “Entitled!”
3) “Narcissist!”
On average, American audiences take around four seconds to shout all three. After a global speaking circuit, I wasn’t surprised that the pleasant, agreeable Swedes took the longest, at ten seconds.

Indeed, the “lazy, entitled narcissist” moniker has become so widespread, it’s virtually my generation’s slogan. Google can affirm this, as Autocomplete suggests that everyone’s seeking affirmation that we’re indeed truly awful, and curiously, “killing napkins.”

After years of studying the Millennials like a Gen Y Jane Goodall, I’ve reached a dif

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