In a world of hyper competition, unprecedented challenges and constant disruption the need for innovation and creating innovative organisations has never been higher on the strategic agenda.

But the majority of CEOs globally are dissatisfied with their innovation capability and resulting performance. So, how do you turn rhetoric into innovation-led action and behaviour? When creating innovative organisations the first step is to acknowledge that innovation is no longer about a ‘department’ or the sole responsibility of a specific team. Innovation is a capability that needs to be harnessed; it’s a capability that needs to be enterprise-wide.

The challenge for CEOs and senior teams is how to build a shared understanding of what it takes to innovate and more importantly, what it takes to build a culture of innovation, an ‘innovation ecosystem’ where game-changing innovation capability simply becomes part of ‘how’ you do things.

We work with CEOs and senior teams on creating innovative organisations because we believe every organisation has the potential to become exceptional and shape the future through innovation. By utilizing unique frameworks and approaches like The Future Shapers 3Es Innovation Methodology of Establish, Enable and Embed we help CEOs and senior teams develop future-focused innovation-led strategies and leadership skills and embed game-changing innovation capability into organisational culture.


Establish an Innovation Strategy


…a future-focused innovation-led strategy; defining how innovation will drive your organisation forward, deliver growth and shape the future.

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Enable Innovation Leaders


…CEOs and senior teams to become innovation leaders; able to translate the future vision and innovation strategy into action and behaviour.

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Embed a Culture of Innovation


…innovation into organisational culture; so that game-changing innovation capability simply becomes part of ‘how’ you do things.

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Every organisation faces unique challenges and there are many triggers that prompt organisations to realise that innovation and building a culture of innovation is the core driver of competitive advantage and winning at the new game. But in our experience there are four entry points clients typically express as driving their need to create new future-fit strategies, develop innovation capability and build a culture of innovation.

From the need to drive differentiation, competitive advantage, growth or deliver amazing customer experiences, The Future Shapers help CEOs and senior teams develop future-focused innovation-led strategies, leadership skills and build a culture of innovation.


The need to drive differentiation beyond the core products and/or services the organisation currently provides by building unique approaches to doing things differently.

Competitive Advantage

The need to maintain adaptability in a fast-changing world and build the ability to go beyond current market positions in order to be considered a leading-edge organisation and a future shaper.


The need to increase performance and deliver growth targets that exceed the organisations current trajectory and expected industry norms in order to deliver greater returns to both the top and bottom line.

Customer Experience

The need to build the capability to anticipate and respond to dynamic and changing customer expectations, needs, wants, desires, trends and next generations in order to deliver exceptional experiences.


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Innovation is culture, and it requires a business to really commit to changing


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