Which level are you in?

For everyone, self-discipline is a very important way of self-management, and a self-disciplined person’s life is more enjoyable and more productive. And self-discipline is often hierarchical. Good self-discipline not only brings freedom of life to oneself, but also a freedom of the soul.

So if we want to do self-discipline well, we must understand the three levels of self-discipline. From these three levels, we will continue to work hard, and our lives will get better and better.

The first level: Be responsible for the body and develop a healthy lifestyle

The first level of self-discipline is to be responsible for one’s own body. Without a body, our achievements cannot come to be. If we want to make ourselves better, we must first learn to take full responsibility for our bodies. 

Being responsible for the body is the first prerequisite for our self-discipline, as well as the key to our dreams. So if we want to let ourselves go further, please remember that taking care of our body is the first step. Only by developing ways and means of active physical exercise can our body maintain good elasticity and also ensure that our own body is in a good state.

The second level: temper your desires and be a value-added person

The second level of self-discipline is to know how to control one’s desires. Too much desire can consume life and distract from essential tasks. Learning to control desires is to match one’s abilities with desires, rather than to indulge one’s desires to consume our lives. If our abilities have not reached this stage, learning to control our desires is the best way to protect ourselves. The desire for restraint also tells us that the ultimate goal of our life is to use our life for continuous growth and adding value. Doing a good job in the ultimate management of life is an issue we all must face.

The second level of self-discipline is being a person continually adding value to themselves. This comes from the deliberate development of our skills, but also from the need to continue to invest in our minds.

When you spend more time on self-enhancement, you will not waste more time on self-consumption. The real high-level self-discipline comes from our desire to control our consumption, and more from our study and investment. This is the basis for changing our lives and also the basis for going further in life.

The third level: self-discipline of the mind, managing one’s thoughts

If we want to let ourselves master the essence of self-discipline, the most important thing for us is to learn to maintain spiritual self-discipline and keep ourselves empty. Good self-discipline is knowing how to manage one’s own body, but also how to control one’s desires, and do a good job in self-enhancement learning. But the highest level of self-discipline is to allow one’s soul to be self-disciplined and to manage one’s thoughts through inner awareness.

We are the products of our thoughts, and the world around us is created through thoughts. Only by managing your thoughts can you truly exercise self-discipline.

Therefore, the highest level of self-discipline is the thought of self-examination. By entering positive thoughts into your heart, you will create a positive cycle of healthy development. If your thoughts are negative, then your self-discipline will become meaningless and worthless. Therefore, the highest level of self-discipline is to ensure the self-discipline of the mind and control over your thoughts. When your thoughts are pure, loving, and compassionate, then naturally you can create a harmonious and good atmosphere. When you choose a certain time every day to cleanse your soul and get rid of the metaphorical “dirt”, you can ensure longer-term self-discipline.

The highest level of self-discipline is the self-discipline of the mind. Manage your thoughts well and let the things you do bring more value to more people so that our lives will be in the ascendant stage. Naturally, your heart will be full of energy, and things will go smoothly.