There are vast realms of consciousness still undreamed of – vast ranges of experience, like humming of unseen harps, we know nothing of, within us. – D.H. Lawrence

Creativity is very complex, and we\’re only scratching the surface here, so there\’s much more work that\’s needed. 

This draws us to the neuroscience of creativity.

The brain does have different lobes or regions that can handle different tasks. While you can blame that dumb decision you made as a teenager on your frontal lobe of the brain, creative thought does not have any dedicated area of the brain from where those innovative ideas come from!

An individual’s creativity is more likely a mix of genetics and experience but more of the latter. It is possible to predict how creative an individual is. If you can predict someone’s level of creative thought even while not engaging in a creative task, then the very idea that some people are more creative than others probably is more than just an idea! Creativity has been a result of genetics and experience and the latter suggests that everyone has the potential to become more creative and one does not trump the other. 

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