Intergence is a digital and IT infrastructure consultancy who help connect our customer’s technology to their business and revolutionise their customer’s experience. We are passionate about helping our customers become “Digital First” organisations and we do this by using a combination of our inhouse experts and the right tools to allow our clients and their staff to deliver amazing outcomes to their customers.

Based in South Cambridgeshire, Intergence is perfectly located for London and the South East as well as Cambridge and the East. Over the past 15 years Intergence has provided its customers with digital solutions, and consultancy services to ensure their businesses are digital ready and fit for the future.

Our new eBook ‘Network First for Digital Transformation’ will guide you through and help you understand that in any successful Digital Transformation strategy the assessment of whether or not your existing network infrastructure is capable and/or flexible enough to deliver your new digital applications.

You will also learn:

  • The first step in any successful Digital Transformation strategy
  • Why an Agile Network should be wedded to your Digital Transformation Strategy
  • How your network will either be your saviour or your obstruction to success

You can download our eBook ‘Network First for Digital Transformation’ for free here

Network First for Digital Transformation