As the large October pumpkin coloured sun gently falls to earth over the rolling Yorkshire Wolds I sit and watch in awe as a dynamic, dramatic dance plays out in the autumn sky and I see the murmuration model.
I am treated to nature’s greatest ballet as maybe a hundred starlings swirl, swoop and soar. I wonder at the grace and complexity of movement, the closeness of grouping; so close sometimes bird merges with bird then more birds until it is more like observing the twist and turns of a stunt kite.

Watch for more than a minute and you are no longer watching a hundred birds, a hundred individuals all with independent movement but instead one mighty and magnificent being, with one mind choreographing the dance, one body moving left then right, up and down, fast then slow. Their group behaviour becomes instinctive, aligned almost unthinking and as I watch my mind wonders and I reali

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