My piece builds on my comments and feedback on fellow Future Shapers considerations in the Automation Apocalypse.  Without giving all the details away this piece called out the comments of Barack Obama in his final presidential address and the impact of the relentless pace of automation that makes a lot of good middle-class jobs redundant.
Across this and a series posts, I’ll unpack this technology challenge and the impact of robotics on the future of work and workspace as well as attempting to consider it in the light of the views of new resident of the White House.  I recognise this is a substantive challenge.

Everything old is new again

Robots in the home are far from a new thing. If you have a central heating timer, even if its 40 years old, it’s a robot, it just (normally) doesn’t have arms and legs.  And more complex robots, though still not in any recognisable huma

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