Well that’s a thought provoking headline? How can I say something about the problem that reflects so many countries and is such a big part of Europe? Do Eastern European countries really have a problem with innovation?
First, I must go back to my childhood to remember the times of communism in former Yugoslavia. The country had its own kind of this totalitarian system. Let’s say that there was a bit more freedom and openness that in Soviet-style communism, but that was just for a bit, not too much of course…

In the first grade we all get a to be a “Pioneer” – we were all dressed the same, got a Pioneer booklet and must swear an oath. In that oath we all pledged to be marvelous, worthwhile and honest comrades. In the whole elementary school the biggest punishment was if teacher asked you to bring back your Pioneer card.

That was the 80’s, times of inflation, power reduc

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