The Death of the Controlling Mind? Part 1: A Modern-Day Fable
(Working in the 4th Industrial Revolution)
6th September 2022

The vibration of Julie’s wrist device wakes her at exactly 6am as it also activates the coffee machine and selects an uplifting dance track to stimulate her to get out of bed on this cold, dark, Monday morning.

As she showers Julie is informed of her meetings and priorities for the day and the sensors have briefed global H.R. that her alcohol limits are, although within legal limits, above what the organisation judges as a level that produces optimum performance. An automatic message is already with the company virtual doctor and Julie’s salary has been reduced by 2.3%.

As Julie eats her perfectly balanced company supplied breakfast, she reviews project updates from her dispersed team made up of a mix of organic and artificial colleagues. They have wo

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