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"Every organisation can become exceptional by developing its potential to innovate."

The HR side of Innovation

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What does your HR department do? If the first answers that spring to mind are managing holidays, staff contracts or appraisals then either you are missing out on a vast store of knowledge and experience or your HR department needs an overhaul. For whilst the popular perception of HR is that of a remote, rule … Continued

Getting innovation – why HR involvement is vital

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There is an old saying, which runs “I want never gets”. Used by parents from time immemorial it is a standard response when children are pestering for treats, sweets or anything else. But however much we hear the phrase in childhood, as we grow into adults the temptation is still to believe that “I want” … Continued

To Engage or Not to Engage?

I’d like to issue a challenge to HR practitioners; actively start encouraging ‘intrapreneurship’. There’s no suggestion here that this isn’t already being done but if you’re not, please start and if you are, please turn up the volume! It’s a term which we all know is being used more and more, but with good reason. … Continued


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