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"Every organisation can become exceptional by developing its potential to innovate."

Rethinking Innovation Strategy

Rethinking Innovation Strategy Image

“We’re going to create a new strategy, which is going to deliver game changing results for our organization! It’s based on innovation and it should be easy to do as we can just follow the same strategy pathway that we mapped out when we tried all of those other strategies over the years!” Right? No, … Continued

Bankers – Overcome Your Innovation Barriers

Banking Innovation Barriers Image

“The UK banking system is big” This quote from a recent Bank of England publication perhaps qualifies as one of the understatements of the year. The publication, entitled ‘Why is the UK banking system so big and is that a problem?’ goes on to explain that in 2013 not only did the UK banking system … Continued

The shape of things to come!

Innovation Future Image

In 1933 when H. G. Wells wrote ‘The shape of things to come’ he could scarcely have anticipated the speed and scale of technological development, which would reshape the world. It is true that in his many writings he predicted milestones such as man’s visit to the moon and wrist-borne communicators but in common with … Continued

All change; it’s time for food retail Innovation!

Retail Innovation Image

What do you really know about your customers? You may have loyalty card data and footfall metrics but what do you really know about what drives them to shop at your store, to choose your product over that of a rival or to entrust you with the delivery of essential services? The question of customer … Continued

Banking on an Innovation-led Future

Banking Innovation Image

When an animal is injured it retreats to safe pastures. There, away from danger it quietly licks its wounds and tries to recover before gingerly venturing back out into the world. But the urge to be cautious is now ever stronger and the pattern of behaviour is changed forever; opening up the way for bolder, … Continued

The HR side of Innovation

HR Innovation Image

What does your HR department do? If the first answers that spring to mind are managing holidays, staff contracts or appraisals then either you are missing out on a vast store of knowledge and experience or your HR department needs an overhaul. For whilst the popular perception of HR is that of a remote, rule … Continued

Innovation and Succeeding in Tomorrow’s World

Tomorrows World Image

Those who were lucky enough to visit the Farnborough Airshow in 2014 were treated to a vision of the future. Amidst a host of outstanding displays was one, which gave true pause for thought. The E-fan two-seater plane was remarkable, not just for its quietness but for the fact that it was powered by battery … Continued

CEOs, are you serious about driving innovation?

Driving Innovation Image

“Innovative businesses grow twice as fast as non-innovators and they are also less likely to fail!” BIS Innovation Report 2014 We’ve survived the recession and conquered the recovery. According to the IMF July report the UK is now in a stronger growth phase than seen in any other developed country. So, it’s time to sit … Continued

Getting innovation – why HR involvement is vital

People Background Image

There is an old saying, which runs “I want never gets”. Used by parents from time immemorial it is a standard response when children are pestering for treats, sweets or anything else. But however much we hear the phrase in childhood, as we grow into adults the temptation is still to believe that “I want” … Continued

Innovation – Unlocking the Cultural Code

DNA Background Image

Scientists across the world have been involved in a frantic race against time in a bid to find a solution to the fungus which is wiping out Ash trees across the globe. In the UK alone some eighty million trees are at risk from the fungus which is believed to have originated in Poland in … Continued


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